Our production process

The manufacture of pine nuts is a complex, little known and totally natural process. It consists of three phases perfectly differentiated in space and time.

Harvest: selection of our material

The harvest spans between December 1 and April 15. During this period, pine cones from different pine forests are collected, separating the organic from the non-organic woods.

The harvest is entirely manual and carried out by long-time experts. They use a tool called «ocino», which consists of a wooden rod with a hook at the end. This hook grabs the pine cones by their hub attached the pine tree making them fall to the ground, being later picked up. This completely handmade method confers our products an added value. This method ensures the harvesting at the optimum time, preserving the woods for future harvests and allowing their selection to guarantee the highest quality in the final product.

Drying: natural aging

The pine cones are stored outdoors and without any treatment until June when the second phase of the process begins.

In these months, the pine nuts are nourished by the pineapple itself, providing its natural maturity which gives it special organoleptic and taste. These characteristics make our product totally different and special offering an exquisite pleasure for the palate.

Shelling: natural process

In mid-June, when temperature rises in our region, the pine cones are laid in suitable locations. As a consequence of the heat they open and let out the fruit that they contain. These pine cones are then transported to shelling and grading machines, obtaining the pine nuts with shells. Later, they are stored until the appropriate maturity for the extraction of the white pine nut (without shell).

Elaboration: getting the delicacy

At this moment, the third phase and final process occurs. After being in contact with their shell for several months, the pine nuts have acquired extraordinary characteristics unlike those who have been artificially forced to open by machinery.