Organic Pine nuts:


Glass format:

The glass jar allows to keep the pinion in its optimal conditions as long as we want.

20g. jar:

Ideal as gifts for different events, weddings, birthdays, baptisms, first communions … If you want to give your guests an original gift, do not hesitate, everyone will be amazed.




70g. jar:

It is the ideal size to taste our product, it will leave you wanting more.




125g. jar:

It is the perfect size to have pine nuts at home for a little while, it can be used for all the recipes we recommend.




250g. jar:

If you are a great lover of pine nuts, this is your format. It will allow you to accompany all your recipes and taste the pine nuts whenever you want.




460g. jar:

This is the perfect size to share it! You will leave friends and family happy to share your pine nuts.




Bags formats:

If you have a restaurant and you want to use our product in your recipes or you are a wholesaler and you are interested in our product.


1kg. bag:

Recommended for restaurants and retailer stores. The 1kg bags eases the storage.

5kg. bag:

Recommended for restaurants and retailer stores with higher consumption.

10kg. bags:

Recommended for retailer stores.

25kg. bags:

Recommended for wholesalers.

Box format:

10kg. box

25kg. box